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Need help regarding your IT vision?
Want someone to manager your IT our IT projects?

We at stravit help you to to determine the strategy for your IT department. We don't only can help to get your IT departement in order but also help with creating the IT departement of the future by giving advise concerning new technologies such as blockchains, IoT and so on. 

But our offering doen't stop there. With exprience in project, program and portfolio management we also provider help to deliver your projects in time, on scope and in budget. Starting up a new project or helping an existing project, all is possible. We have experience in both waterfall as well as agile projects. No matte rif it's a backend project such as infrastructure, greenfield, database migrations or a frontend project such as websites, a mobile application  or custom devlopment. All possivilities are open.

Want to know more, don't hesistate and take contact now! We help by prodiving staffing, assitance or coaching. With experience in analysis, project and portfolio management as well as other domains we're sure we can help you right away!


Stravit is a small consulting entity that helps both SME's as well as big company with their IT. With multiple years of experience in IT Proeject management, support in portfolio management en CIO advisory Stravit is your partner to go to for all your IT vision, strategy and other questions.



A fully fledge project management service is offered. Certifications in both Prince2 as agile ways of working (scrum master/product owner) are always present to give our projects an optimal service 


Stravit like to help you determine your most optimal IT strategy both an short and long term. Where needed we help to determine the cost and create a detailled plan to reach your goal.


A large set of applications, projects, ... needs to have an manager to overlook all changes. The portfolio manager sees that all running projects are in sync with both  the strategy, resource capacity  and plannings. 

virtual cio

Need some support for your organization? Are you looking for a helping hand to decide the next big IT change? Don't know on how to tacke your digitalization program? Our maybe just help to run your IT departement? Dont hesitate and take contact for our (virtual) CIO (advisory) package. This service can be offered for both big companyies as well as SME's. Remote or on site, fill-time or part time.


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IT and project management


Work for SIGeDIS included functional and business analyticsfor the current ARGO platform as well the new mijnloopbaan platform. Within the analysis wireframes following techniques were used

  • EER
  • BPMN diagrams
  • UML diagrams
  • data mapping 
  • SOAP and REST services

De Lijn is the flemisch public transportation firm. Project management services were provided as well as a support in terms of portfolio management.


  • test automation roll-out (ranorex)
  • Database migration
  • Greenfield & azure migration
  • Website and mobile app devlopment with internal and external teams



Jeroen Jeroen graduated as civil engineer, computer science at Ghent university (UGent). With both a programming and analityc background Jeroen is the Go To person for all your IT management related issues. With keen interest in the latest devlopments such as IoT, internet security and so Jeroen will gladly support you on all your innovative endavours. Due to his experience Jeroen can work on both strategy, projects as well as day-to-day mangement in a company. He will always keep his knowledge up to date. With experience of IT (project management) in both small and large companies, almost nothing is unknown terrain. 


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