CIO (advisory)

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CIO (Advisory)

Today IT is present in almost each company in more and more complex forms. Even a simple email system in the cloud such as O365 to needs some sort support from IT. If your company gets bigger it's IT landscape also becomes more and more complicated with extra specialized applications. All those applications need to run on some kind of system and al those systems needs to integrate. As stated in an earlier article you IT strategy is key for the optimal running of your IT. A strategy not only needs to be determined but also needs to be executed. Welcome the CIO or IT manager

The CIO (or in some companies called the IT manager) is the go to person who helps you to run your IT department he will set the strategy but also guide your IT team. At the end of a financial cycle he is responsible to draft the budgets for the next cycle and he will guard the running applications and projects to keep the in line. The IT manager can often rely on a team of It specialist most often divided into;

  • Servicedesk (first/second line) - support your company
  • Operations/infrastructure - let things run, possibly included in the service desk department
  • Projects - create new things, uses the other branches to launch new software or adapt it
  • Applications - analyse and develop new tools

Finding a good CIO can be hard. Stravit helps you to find the right person. We offer you different formulas. Going from an on site CIO in full time contracts to virtual CIO's who support your remotely or on a part time basis (ideal for SME's). Don't hesitate to contact us to determine your ideal formula. Keep however in mind that the days present are almost always linked to the size of your IT department and size of your workforce.

Apart from helping you with finding or filling a CIO slot Stravit offers also the possibility to support your current managers with advisory going from strategy to sourcings questions and budget issues.