Program Management

program management

Program management

Program management is the management of a collection of projects with a common goals. Contradictory to project management there is no specified deadline for a program (unless explicitly defined). A program will often be used to define and reach a number of strategic goals for a company.


Jeroen is the go to person within Stravit for al you strategy and innovation projects or management issues

CIO (advisory)

virtual cio

CIO (Advisory)

Today IT is present in almost each company in more and more complex forms. Even a simple email system in the cloud such as O365 to needs some sort support from IT. If your company gets bigger it's IT landscape also becomes more and more complicated with extra specialised applications.

Portfolio Management


Portfolio Management

A portfolio is often described as a set of projects. In contrast to a program a portfolio of projects doesn't need to be alligned to a single goals. In smaller companies a portfolio is often limitied an managed by the global management.



IT Strategy

It's always possible to run your IT departement ad hoc without strategy. In most of the cases this can go on for multiple years. Especially in standstill companies or monopolists. In such ad hoc management versions your company/IT departement has however the risk to come in a standstill.



Work for SIGeDIS included functional and business analyticsfor the current ARGO platform as well the new mijnloopbaan platform. Within the analysis wireframes following techniques were used

  • EER
  • BPMN diagrams
  • UML diagrams
  • data mapping 
  • SOAP and REST services

De Lijn


De Lijn is the flemisch public transportation firm. Project management services were provided as well as a support in terms of portfolio management.


Project Mangement


Project Management

Stravit likes to help you with al your projects. Although we have a focus on IT (software) projects, stravit can always help with other kind of projects. We have experience in IT infrastructure, IT software en business projects.

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