Program Management

program management

Program management

Program management is the management of a collection of projects with a common goals. Contradictory to project management there is no specified deadline for a program (unless explicitly defined). A program will often be used to define and reach a number of strategic goals for a company. Examples are the digitization of your company, moving to an ERP, .... . It is in this view that a program manager is often different from a project manager. Wherelse a project manager does the day to day management, follow op of the workforce and so on, the program manager move more on a strategic level and needs more soft skills. The program manager will focus more on gathering the necessary traction in the company, budgets and stakeholder buy in. Although for smaller projects the project manager has the same responsibilities. For bigger or multiple projects with the same goal the split of the project and program manager role has its benefits because each role can focus more on his strengths and this creating a stronger team.

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