IT Strategy

It's always possible to run your IT department ad hoc without strategy. In most of the cases this can go on for multiple years. Especially in standstill companies or monopolists. In such ad hoc management versions your company/IT department has however the risk to come in a standstill. If no long term vision is planned many of the current software needs are fixed quick and dirty as they say. Often this results also in such called silo-systems that don't talk to each other and a lack of vision for the work to be done for a period after 6 months.

Therefor a IT strategy vision is crucial. If you have a strategy for your IT department you can guarantee that all people know the vision, know what they are working on and for what and they know their impact. In most cases those people will also help to reach this strategy in think more in the "us" then "I". A good strategy is supported by the whole company/IT departement but also accepts feedback from those people. A good strategy will thus not only give more clarity on the work to be done but will also help to empower your people!

Stravit likes to help you determine your most optimal IT strategy and roadmap both an short and long term. Often this will lead to multiple programs and projects. If needed Stravit is more than willing to determine the cost and create a detailed plan to reach your goal.