manager @ BD MyShopi

bd myshopi

BD MyShopi is known for the myshopi application and distribution of the leaflets in Belgium. My/the IT department responsibilities included 

  • project for rollout and keeping up to date an ERP 
  • project development and rollout of a real time tracking application (IoT like)
  • manage the implementation of a ESB with a SOA architecture and setup of a (web)service catalog
  • Vendor management
  • Coorperate reporting
  • setup and defend the overall project and IT methodology
  • Different C level follow ups 

To fullfill those responsibilities there were different technologies and techniques used. The ERP package was an microsoft AX (on prem, with preparations for a O365),. A full service architecture was set up. Starting from 1 service we extended it to a catalog of more than (REST) 60 endpoints. Some of which were endpoints for the  near real time tracking of leaflet packages.

Main tools and techniques;

  • Scrum
  • SAFE
  • project management and servicedesk via jira
  • Java 
  • mulesoft
  • AX
  • BPMN (low code) development platform (agilepoint)

At the end the responsibility covered 3 direct reports (internal), 6 direct reports (external) and 2 remote teams