Project Management

Stravit likes to help you with al your projects. Although we have a focus on IT (software) projects, stravit can always help with other kind of projects. We have experience in IT infrastructure, IT software en business projects. For those kind sof projects we have experience in different aspects such as (but not limited to) stakeholder management, expectation management, sourcings questions, risk management, budget management, scope determination, ... . We always work conform the methodologies that are needed and we have certifications in SCRUM, PRINCE2 and PMP/PMBOK on its way.


IT Strategy

It's always possible to run your IT department ad hoc without strategy. In most of the cases this can go on for multiple years. Especially in standstill companies or monopolists. In such ad hoc management versions your company/IT department has however the risk to come in a standstill. If no long term vision is planned many of the current software needs are fixed quick and dirty as they say. Often this results also in such called silo-systems that don't talk to each other and a lack of vision for the work to be done for a period after 6 months.


Portfolio Management

A portfolio is often described as a set of projects. In contrast to a program a portfolio of projects doesn't need to be aligned to a single goals. In smaller companies a portfolio is often limited an managed by the global management. In larger companies a portfolio manager can help to give more insights in different running projects especially on the long term. This by answering questions such as

virtual cio

CIO (Advisory)

Today IT is present in almost each company in more and more complex forms. Even a simple email system in the cloud such as O365 to needs some sort support from IT. If your company gets bigger it's IT landscape also becomes more and more complicated with extra specialized applications. All those applications need to run on some kind of system and al those systems needs to integrate. As stated in an earlier article you IT strategy is key for the optimal running of your IT. A strategy not only needs to be determined but also needs to be executed.

data science


Data science - BI

Although in limited form and with external support Stravit can also support your data ambitions by defining, helping and implementing your data strategy  be it BI our data science pur sang

program management

Program management

Program management is the management of a collection of projects with a common goals. Contradictory to project management there is no specified deadline for a program (unless explicitly defined). A program will often be used to define and reach a number of strategic goals for a company. Examples are the digitization of your company, moving to an ERP, .... . It is in this view that a program manager is often different from a project manager.